An internship is crucial for not just getting some work experience or adding an extra section to the resume. It was more than that and a transitional journey from being a graduate to a young professional.

The Ministry of Awesome is well known for its active contribution to the Christchurch startup ecosystem by providing support, guidance, training, and network for entrepreneurs, startups, and incubators. Ministry of Awesome is the starting point for entrepreneurs who thrive to do amazing things and change how New Zealand is known to the world. The Ministry has been deeply involved in the transformational journey to make Christchurch the technology hub of New Zealand by helping the high growth startups and entrepreneurs who have a passion for changing the world.

As a former student of the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Awesome was a known organisation to me since both organisations play a vital role in the Canterbury entrepreneurial ecosystem. I joined the Ministry of Awesome as a marketing intern in August 2018, right after I had finished my bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Canterbury. I was interested in the internship for gaining hands-on professional experience and the opportunity to learn while surrounding myself with like-minded and ambitious people.

At the beginning of my internship, we were preparing to move to Kahukura Building (K Block) of the Ara Institute of Canterbury from our old Awesome HQ, 192 Saint Asaph Road. It was the most significant transformation to the Ministry of Awesome and its stakeholders. Igniting the entrepreneurial mindset of 19,000 students of Ara Institute was something inspiring. On that note, the Summer Sprint Programme will kick off in mid-February which is thoroughly for the students of Ara Institute of Canterbury. However, my core contribution to MoA was with digital marketing, analytics, and event management.

Here are the four invaluable things I have learnt during my internship at the Ministry of Awesome:

1. Marketing: As a genuine and passionate marketing graduate, I am always on the hunt for learning new things and gaining new business and marketing experience. I have demonstrated and practised my marketing skills to uphold the goodwill of the Ministry of Awesome. I primarily focused on improving the digital presence of the brand and boost its performance. In September 2018, I made a detailed analytics report on the website of the Ministry of Awesome using Google Analytics and other SEO analytics tools. I focused on improving the website’s performance and figured out some crucial yet simple ways to improve the performance of the website. The team well appreciated my analytics report. As we kept track of the web performance each week, it was easy for me to keep track of the improvement and keep the progressive momentum going. I have enjoyed working on digital marketing and understood the importance of the different perspectives in digital marketing.

2. Event Management (Coffee and Jam): I have had the chance to help organise many events, and Coffee and Jam is very significant among them. It is the longest-running weekly get together in Christchurch for people who want to do amazing things. In my last week at the Ministry of Awesome, on 22 January, we had organised the 281 number of Coffee and Jam! This meetup profoundly inspires me, and I believe this is something all the stakeholders of Christchurch entrepreneurship/tech ecosystems should be proud of. I came to know some fantastic organisations and met some great people from this event. Yes, of course, besides organising the event, I enjoyed the gathering and, most importantly, connecting with like-minded people. I learnt from the Coffee and Jam event that if an organisation has a true vision, it can consistently make a difference and achieve the milestone in no time, which is the same for an individual.

3. People: The best part of working at the Ministry of Awesome is yet the people. I have had the immense opportunity to get to know many people I admire and love. It indeed was an outstanding opportunity for me to get to know all of them. With this in mind, I also believe it’s the people who make the difference to any organisation. I am very thankful to the Ministry of Awesome for giving me such an opportunity. What do you think of the importance of people in any organisation to achieve their mission and vision?

4. New ideas: It was an exceptional experience for me to participate in the team discussion with new ideas and worthwhile thoughts. I felt motivated every time I had the chance to contribute to the team meeting and one-to-one meeting. It encourages everyone to see that others value their opinion, which undoubtedly enhances creativity and overall team productivity. For example, actively contributing to the meetings can be in different ways, which might not always be done by adding new ideas but sometimes by just listening and understanding the core objective and point of view. I am interested in knowing your thoughts on this. How do you think being open in the team discussion can lead to achieving the organisational goal?

What’s next?

This week, I have joined Concentrate Limited as a full-time Digital Marketing Automation Specialist. Concentrate Limited is the largest HubSpot partner in New Zealand, which is incredibly transforming how Kiwi tech companies take their technology products to the world. I am very much excited about my new role at Concentrate Limited. 

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